Indoor Sauna Rooms

Whether panel-built or custom-cut and built into the home, indoor saunas transform your space into a home spa.

From the Hallmark series to the Designer series rooms, Finnleo saunas are designed to provide an exceptional sauna experience.

Indoor Sauna - Custom Cut Floating Bench

Custom Cut Saunas

A Finnleo® Custom-Cut Sauna will meet your special needs. Luxuriously Designed, Handcrafted for Framed Wall Applications.

The beauty of a Custom-Cut solution is you get to have your sauna, your way – and still benefit from Finnleo materials, expertise, and quality engineering.

Indoor Sauna - Designer Series Twilight

Designer Saunas

The Designer Series is a range of high quality sauna room styles modeled along the clean, simple yet elegant lines found in the best examples of Scandinavian design.

Even better, they are available as prefabricated panel kits, making them available for use after just a few hours of assembly.

Indoor Sauna - Sisu

Sisu Saunas

Finnleo’s Sisu series has become a classic of the sauna world.

True to tradition, Sisu saunas are made in the Finnish style of exclusive fine-grained Nordic White Spruce – you’ll even notice a subtle scent of deep Finnish forests. Sisu- a clean, pure expression of sauna at its genuine best.

Indoor Sauna - Hallmark HM44

Hallmark Saunas

The Hallmark Series offers high-end design features on standard sizes & designs which makes the series an exceptional value.

Indoor Sauna - North Star NSI-44

NorthStar Saunas

The NorthStar Series offers high-quality design features on standard sizes which makes the series an excellent value and easy to install.

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