Hot Tub Cover Replacement

Do you need a new hot tub cover? Knowing when to replace a hot tub cover isn’t always that simple. New hot tub covers can be costly, but inefficient, old worn out covers can also cost much more in just a few winter months.

On average, hot tub covers have a lifespan of about four to five years. UV radiation from the sun, falling debris (like tree branches or ice), and user inflicted damage can all drastically reduce this lifespan however.

It’s best to periodically give your hot tub cover an inspection checking the vinyl, straps & locks, foam cores, hinge and heat seal shoes. See the comprehensive five-point cover inspection checklist below.

Berkeley Heat sells hot tub replacement covers from Watkins, Hot Tub Covers and Blue Water Spa Cover.

Watkins Hot Tub Cover Replacement
Blue Water Spa Covers
Caldera Hot Tub Cover Replacement Checklist