Regency® Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Flames so realistic, you won’t believe it’s electric! Designed to utilize similar stylized accessories as Regency’s popular gas insert lineup; customers can now get the look they want whether it’s gas or electric.

Featuring an unmatched and realistic flame picture with Regency’s Chromalight LED lighting system. Orange & red flames are combined with 13 fuel bed lighting options and top-down lighting to create a realistic and stunning flame picture. Adjust the flame and fuel bed separately with 5 step brightness controls. The view of the fire is further enhanced with an artfully crafted, raised and layered log set sitting upon a grate, charcoal logs, embers and ginger crystals to provide depth and realism.

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Since 1979, Regency Fireplace Products has been crafting quality fireplaces in North America.

Commitment to quality is exercised at every step of the process. Quality workmanship, the finest materials and durable heavy-duty construction, is invested in each and every fireplace.

All Regency products are guaranteed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.