NorthStar Free-Standing Saunas

Free-standing, fixed sizes and features (not customizable).

Made in Minnesota, the NorthStar Series offers high-quality design features on standard sizes which makes the series an excellent value and easy to install.

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI 44

NorthStar NSI-44
(4’x 4′)

With the NSI-44, a true Finnish sauna experience is possible in only 16 sq. ft. of floor space.

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI 46

NorthStar NSI-46
(4’x 6′)

This 4′ x 6′ sauna is ideal for two or three people, including a top bench long enough to comfortably lie down.

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI 56

NorthStar NSI-56
(5’x 6′)

The NSI-56, only 30 sq. ft. in size, feels surprisingly roomy. Sauna bathers can comfortably lie down on the top bench or comfortably seat three, with room to sit on the lower bench for those wanting to sit in a lower heat zone.

NorthStar Indoor Sauna NSI 57a

NorthStar NSI-57
(5’x 7′)

The NSI-57, one of our most popular models, is amazingly roomy, yet only takes up 35 sq. ft. of floor space. With an L-shaped tope bench, if comfortably seats four or five people and plenty of room for two to lie down.

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