Why use Regency Products?

Successful Builders, Designers and Architects are aligned with suppliers who understand their unique needs. Regency's mission is to provide the best products and service to all of our customers.

1. Today's Fireplace Styles

Regency is a design focused company - with branches in all North American Markets. This means we understand what styles our customers want and we build what they are asking for. We pride ourselves at being the highest quality fireplace line anywhere today.

2. We are easy to install

The full Regency line up has been designed so that there is a Regency for any room in any project. Because all aspects of the design and manufacturing process involve the finest materials, full testing and quality control you install out of the box perfectly the first time.

3. Full Supplier Support

A full complement of design tools including CAD and DWG drawings, Fireplace Design Centre, Product Manuals, Idea Generator tools and product training are available both online and at the end of an email or phone. We understand that your success means our success.

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