Round Wooden Hot Tubs

Since 1976, the craftsmanship and time that is put into every one of these round wooden hot tubs is unparalleled.

Crafted from clear, heart Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and Teak Wood. The quality of these wooden hot tubs simply cannot be matched.

A wide variety of standard sizes are available. However if you are looking for a custom round wooden hot tub, we invite you to let us know what your specific needs and wants are and we are happy to accommodate them.

Western Red Cedar Round Wooden Hot Tub

Western Red Cedar

These traditional round hot tubs are individually handcrafted from the world’s finest clear heart, vertical grain Western Red Cedar.

Handcrafted from clear, all heart vertical grain staves. Every tub stave and bottom is 1-3\4″ net thickness or greater, making them considerably thicker then other wooden hot tubs on the market today.

The extra thickness significantly adds to the durability, lifespan and most importantly the overall natural insulating ability of the hot tub.

Made almost exclusively for one of our European distributors, these are the hot tubs of celebrities, rock stars and yes, even royalty!

Most importantly though, the extra thickness give our tubs up to twice the insulating value of thinner tubs. The red cedar tub is the thickest traditional wooden hot tub available worldwide!

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Round Wooden Hot Tub

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

True Alaskan Yellow Cedar has been recognized as a unique wood species by the American Lumber Standards Committee.

Prized for its high strength, beautiful appearance, and high natural decay resistance, Alaskan yellow cedar is classified as the strongest and most durable of all the cedars in the world.

We have a small family owned mill that is hand selecting the most beautiful and absolute finest lumber to be used in these hot tubs. The quality of this wood is unsurpassed being absolutely clear (no knots), all heart (from the center of the tree), and perfectly straight, tight grained.

The hot tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood. Both the staves and the bottom are 1-34″ finished thickness.

Teak Round Wooden Hot Tub


True Burmese teak is one of the outstanding timbers of the world. It has been used in high quality yacht construction and furniture building for many years because of its beauty, durability, stability, strength, appearance and resistance to damage from water and numerous chemicals and acids.

Along with these characteristics, it contains more natural oils than other woods, which gives it the ability to rejuvenate to its original color and beauty from a weathered condition. All these characteristics make it a perfect choice for use in a hot tub.

The hardness of true teak makes it much more difficult to mill and shape, but when finished the wood takes on a beautiful luster. Because of these valuable properties and its superior rot resistance and weathering ability, it is the choice of those who want the very best. Teak has proven to be the best choice of wood for hot tubs.

The teak hot tubs are constructed of a tongue and groove method and are frequently conical in shape. The conical design allows for what many feel is a more comfortable sitting position and contains less water then the standard straight sided tubs. Straight sided teak tubs are also available.