Energy Efficiency for Lower Operating Costs

Caldera's innovative FiberCor® cabinet insulation and the highly efficient EnergyPro® system custom-fit covers, a Caldera spa meets the most stringent energy efficiency standards, saving you money.

Caldera Spas - Fibercore

Caldera spas are insulated with proprietary FiberCor® insulation that has four times the density of the urethane foam used in most hot tubs. This industry breakthrough insulation is completely recyclable, 100% non-petroleum based and is free of harmful emissions. As a result, FiberCor® provides superior insulation, improves hot tub performance, lowers energy costs, and is better for the environment.

EnergyPro® TechnologyCaldera spas energy efficient cover

The innovative EnergyPro® system in the Utopia and Paradise Series models keeps water hot and always ready for use while meeting the most stringent energy standards established by the California Energy Commission for portable spas. The EnergyPro® circulation pump operates continually at very low wattage to filter water. Heater use is reduced, because 80 percent of the energy used to operate the pump is transferred back to the water as heat.

Custom High-Density Covers

Caldera custom-builds their covers to the exact measurements of the spas to ensure a tight seal between the bar top and cover for optimum energy efficiency. The full-foam cover is wrapped in durable, marine-grade vinyl and includes child safety locks. All covers are UL listed in compliance with ASTM standards.


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