Caldera Spas - Coolzone chillerGet More Use From Your Hot Tub During Summer Months

Cool down in your spa in the summer months. The cooling spa works like an air conditioner, cooling water to as low as 60 degrees. When you’re ready to warm the water again, the system works in conjunction with your heater to efficiently raise water temperature in just a few hours.



The CoolZone system is highly efficient and can improve the energy use of your hot tub during normal operation because it can reduce the amount of time the heater needs to run. Over time, it can reduce your operating costs and save you money.

Therapeutic Benefits

A cold soak can help muscle recovery by reducing swelling caused during a strenuous workout. When you leave the water, muscles warm up, bringing oxygenated blood back in to help muscles recover. Later, the CoolZone system can raise the spa water temperature to provide the benefits of warm water immersion, bringing more oxygenated blood to tissues, and increasing flexibility.

The CoolZone is also perfect for families and grandparents with small children and active adults desiring cold water therapy.




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