Create a Backyard Oasis

Your Caldera Spa makes the ideal showpiece in your backyard landscape.

Enhance Your Sense of Calm and Well-being with Just the Right Light

Beautiful spa lighting sets the mood, whether you’re trying to achieve a state of deep relaxation or a lively setting.

Color and lighting are great for creating the ideal environment, especially at night. Adjust the intensity and color rotation to create the ideal evening mood.

Add Music to any Caldera Spa

Music has the ability to enhance or create nearly any mood. For the ideal setting in or around a hot tub, it’s important to have components designed to deliver high fidelity sound in a wet, outdoor environment.

Caldera offers a range of integrated music options so that you can find the entertainment system that works best for you.

If you love to relax to music, be sure to order your Caldera® Spas hot tub with integrated speakers that are factory-installed and thoughtfully placed within the spa shell for superior sound quality.

Upgrade your system with an internally mounted subwoofer to enhance the low-range bass and volume. Every Caldera Spas Wireless Sound System lets you adjust volume, bass, treble and balance from controls on the spa.

Wireless sound system with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth music options heightens your spa enjoyment and help you unwinds as you relax or enjoy a massage for your tired muscles. Stream music live or play from your own music library.

Design Palette - Colors that Blend with Your Life & Your Surroundings

Caldera Spas offer you a range of stylish and modern interior, cabinet and cover colors to compliment your home and backyard landscaping.


Your home value will increase and your friends and neighbors will notice the difference in the beauty, function, and appeal of your landscape.



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