The Traditional Round Western Red Cedar / Redwood Hot Tub

Western red cedar and redwood hot tubs are individually crafted from the absolute thickest and finest clear, all heart, vertical grain wood available (a variety of other cedars, including Alaskan yellow cedar, are also available).

The tubs are supported by 4 x 6 chine joists and held together by 12" steel bands, roll threaded at each end, and come with a cast iron coupler, two stainless steel nuts and most importantly a polyethylene sheathing which protects the band from rusting.The tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain staves and the bottom are 1-34" net thickness, making them considerably thicker than most others (our Timber Tubs are even thicker). This extra thickness adds greatly to the life-span, and virtually eliminates any possibility of future warping of the wood. Most importantly though, the extra thickness give our tubs up to twice the insulating value of thinner tubs.

The benches are made from 2 x 12 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood and they net out at a finished thickness of 1 12" thick by 11 14" wide. The bench has 8 sections and is supported by 2 x 4's which are attached to the sides of the tub. We call the bench a 'full circle' and no part of it touches the floor, thereby allowing your feet complete freedom under the bench. Less than a full circle may installed to allow for a standing area, and the bench can be installed at various levels to allow for people of different heights. All benches come complete with stainless steel screws for fastening to the tub.

The tubs come 'knocked down' and are easily shipped, and installed in any location by following our comprehensive step by step installation guide. As far as assembling the tub, most do it yourselfers can easily put them together in 1 to 2 hours (the complete system takes a bit longer).

We stock the more common 5' and 6' diameter by 4' tall tubs, plus a few smaller two person oval shapes. We also offer 3' and 5' tall hot tubs, plus a number of other sizes and can rather easily make just about any size imaginable. The round, 4' tall, straight sided tubs stands a total of 49.75" high with an inside depth of 42.5".

Our hot tubs are available in a wide variety of standard sizes (and prices), and we're more than happy to make a custom size if so desired. The complete systems contain virtually everything necessary to put you into bubbling hot water (except for the water).

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